Founded in 1995 as an Airfield Ground Lighting contractor, Col-Air has continuously evolved throughout the years.

At the beginning a high professionalism team was gathered up by 3 old partners. Col-Air has acted for many years beside the AGL supplier Thorn Airfield Lighting; this partnership has developed in a reliable complete solution towards the clients. After completing multiple local and international projects Col-Air is able today to provide turn key solutions to any client worldwide.

Key dates

Col-Air is founded gathering 3 old colleagues
First turn key contract signed in Romania with the Romanian Airforce for one airbase
First international project in Pochentong Airport, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Second turn key contract signed in Romania with the Romanian Airforce for two airbases
Another milestone in our history was the Azerbaijan airbase project, completed in 59 days exclusively by Col-Air personnel
Biggest international project, Mauritius Airport Expansion, 4 contracts throughout 3 years. With the challenge to extend the runway for A380 operations without closure.
Another big challenge was Oradea Airport, where a 1800m runway was demolished, completely reconstructed and reopened to traffic in 59 days
Col-Air moves towards a new image with Col-Air Airport Solutions concept


Founder of Col-Air


Starts his career as a mechanical engineer and workout his way through life until he was appointed Project manager of the “Romanian Airfield Lighting Project – ROMBAL” in the communist era.

After the revolution, he continues his career in airport maintenance until Col-Air was born. Despite his age, today he is still active in the background of Col-Air projects.

Col-Air Director

Alexandru COLLER

Born less than 2 kilometers away from the airport, after studying Electrotechnics, in 1999 Alexandru follows his father’s steps and bring the young energy touch to the company which Col-Air needed and has contributed to its success throughout the years.

Vasile Colcer
South&East Area Manager

Starts his career as a disciple in the “Romanian Airfield Lighting Project – ROMBAL” immediately after the revolution when the program was still running. Pursuits his career in Col-Air right from the beginning of the company, he is today the Area Manager of the South and East Region for the Col-Air projects in Romania.

Vasile Colcer
North&West Area Manager

Starts his career as a steel manufacturing engineer. Joins Col-Air in 2012 and completed his first Airport project in 2014 at Oradea and today he is the Area Manager for the North and West Region of Romania for Col-Air Projects.

Vasile Colcer
Team Romania
Florin Stănescu
Chief Electrician
Fănică Andrei
Chief Mechanic
Vasile Mărăcine
& Bogdan Gheorghe
Coring & Installation team
Vasile Colcer
Members of Mauritius Team
Akram & Kaleem Dookhee
With Col-Air since 2011 when we signed the first contract in Mauritius

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